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Madison Johnston Obtains Favorable Ruling

Maddie Johnston recently obtained a favorable ruling from the Missouri Appellate Court on behalf of one of her clients, a Missouri law firm. Maddie represented the law firm in a legal malpractice lawsuit filed in the Circuit Court of Franklin County, Missouri. In essence, Plaintiff alleged that her attorney wrongfully withdrew from her case after she was unable to pay any more legal fees. On behalf of her client, Maddie prepared and filed a Motion to Dismiss, as well as a counterclaim for damages equal to the amount in unpaid fees owed by the plaintiff/former client. On the date of the bench trial, the trial court granted the defendant law firm’s Motion to Dismiss and moved forward with a bench trial on the law firm’s counterclaim. After presenting evidence that 1) Plaintiff breached her contract with the law firm by failing to pay her legal fees, and 2) Plaintiff unjustly retained the benefit of “free” legal services, the Court entered judgment on behalf of the law firm and ordered Plaintiff to pay her outstanding legal bills. Thereafter, the Plaintiff filed a Notice of Appeal and an appellate brief with the Eastern District Court of Appeals seeking to overturn the trial court’s decision. After full briefing, on August 25, 2020, the Appellate Court ruled in favor of Maddie’s client and dismissed the appeal.