Employment Law

Employment disputes are a reality that face many employers today.

Consequently, employers must not only have effective, up-to-date employment policies, but need to make a concerted effort to train and counsel management on both avoiding and handling not only disputes but also a variety of issues that arise during the day-to-day operations of a business.

Employers must select attorneys with more than just experience. To effectively defend and resolve employment litigation, an employer needs attorneys with a special blend of sensitivity and aggressiveness. Fox Smith attorneys have that unique blend of skills to deal with the often inflammatory and personalized nature of employees’ claims and the bias of many jurors against certain types of employers.

At Fox Smith, we do not only litigate employment-related lawsuits, we train and counsel employers in the areas of harassment, discrimination, wage and hour law, and contract disputes. Fox Smith attorneys have successfully litigated and resolved a variety of employment-related matters in both Missouri and Illinois, including cases involving:

Retaliatory Discharge

Age, race, and
gender discrimination


Wage and hour
law violations

Family Medical
Leave Act claims

Equal Pay
Act claims