Product Liability

Fox Smith lawyers have defended manufacturers and distributors of products in hundreds of cases in jurisdictions across the country.

We are proud that a number of Fortune 500 companies have trusted us to protect their interests in some of their most serious litigation. We are equally proud that a number of smaller manufacturers have called on us to defend them when someone has attacked the integrity of the products they produced. We have successfully tried cases involving medical devices, consumer goods, automotive products, industrial equipment, and agricultural products. We have defended everything from chairs to pharmaceuticals. We currently represent several drug makers whose products range from birth control pills to diabetes treatments. We are also representing defendants in litigation alleging a defective gasoline additive has contaminated water wells of tens of millions of people across the country. On any given day, our lawyers are defending manufacturers of products alleged to have caused amputation, paralysis, cancer, or death.

Our lawyers have successfully defended manufacturers of products in the following industries:

  • Automobiles
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Biologics
  • Chemicals
  • Children's Products
  • Consumer Products
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Materials Handling Equipment
  • Medical Devices
  • Mining Equipment
  • Motorcycles
  • Over-the-Counter Medicines
  • Prescription Drugs